New Unfinished Solo for Sneakers, a Past Tense and a Group of People

The project delves into the exploration of available archival materials and documents, gathered around the work of New York’s avant-garde artists in the 60s, who at that time formed the Judson Dance Theatre. Approaching this archive not as a motionless past, but as a potentiality of mobilization, the project unfolds through a movement practice, in which the body accumulates quotations, appropriates choreographic strategies, embodies practices, enacts and redoes. Therefore, in real-time, the memory is transformed into remembering – the passive storage of the mind turns into an active, selective act of recombination and reconstellation that manifests itself through movement.

The project is presented in the form of an ephemeral installation, where through a moving body and a two-channel soundscape, history is being rewritten before the audience’s eyes.

The performance (…) asks bitter questions about what to do with the history, in case its heroes are still alive and not congealed in monuments. (…) It asks: who decides on an objective grandness of the creator, for how long this decision remains its strength and how to remix a material, which first, actually, needs to be reconstructed.

Hanna Raszewska,

Kamiński’s body daringly questions the legacy of postmodern choreography, at the same time deconstructing binary oppositions between old and new, original and copy, significant and significance.

Stanisław Godlewski,

This performance should be regarded as a kind of generational statement.

Karolina Plinta, Magazyn SZUM 


New Unfinished Solo for Sneakers, a Past Tense and a Group of People
2015, performance, 35 min

By: Przemek Kamiński and Mateusz Szymanówka
Special Thanks to: Magda Garlińska, Niko Hallikainen, Joanna Leśnierowska, Ania Nowak, Julia Plawgo, Paweł Sakowicz, Xenia Taniko Dwertmann, Roberto Walcher, Melanie Jame Wolf, Kasia Wolińska and Marta Ziółek

Created in the frame of "Let’s Dance" Exhibition at Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk
Support: Institute of Music and Dance, HZT Berlin

Photos: Jakub Wittchen for Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk