Yet Untitled (blue)

Together with Pharmakon (it radiates) and Blue (ribbon dance), Yet Untitled (blue) form a triptych of solo performances in blue, in which Kamiński explores the question of monochromatic choreography – a choreography reduced to, produced by and related to one colour.

Yet Untitled (blue) departs from a notebook – a choreographic object – containing a number of hand-written performance directives. These notes, pulled out from notebooks that accompanied the artist in creating other solo works in blue, act as invitations to action, or sparks for movement to emerge.
In real-time, in front of the audience, Kamiński opens a notebook, and randomly chooses a performance directive to follow. With closed eyes, he injects it, lets it spread in the body, and manifests through movement. Therefore, the body mediates blueness from the inside to the outside, creating something situated in between dance and kinetic sculpture.

The work unfolds throughout the opening hours of the gallery/museum, at every full hour. It exhibits a process and is in a constant state of becoming. It is always different, never complete. It can never be fully grasped or apprehended.

Ink on a pin
Underneath the skin
An empty space to fill in

Joni Mitchell, Blue


Yet Untitled (blue)
2022, performance, duration variable

Choreography & Performance: Przemek Kamiński

Commissioned by: LETO Gallery

Photos: Bartosz Górka